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Do buy 2, alright? Im gonna do around the world. Hehe

What a hectic day. Hope you guys and girls (if any) had a better one than me.


I forgot to ask, do you guys have an alternate download link for RYL1 and 2? Because the current link isnt working that well especially from

Has someone uploaded it into another host server?


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hmmmm...looks like im the closest to the duty free...Duty free is like an hour away from my place..LOL dont drink and drive....

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lol.. yeah u r right..

and it seem that it's the only download link available for RYL2 : IU (my) client.


Can somebody upload it into another host server? suck nowadays.


Good evening.

I'm a Kamen Rider fan :).Started to fell in love with the series back in 1991, when our tv network first show Kamen Rider Black ( it was translated into Suria Perkasa Hitam :) i'm sure the people from my generation remembered that one ).

Now, thanks to technology, and the internets, i was able to collect past episodes from all kind of Rider series including the latest one in airing in 2008, Kamen Rider Kiva.

I was enthusiastic about the new 2009 series called Kamen Rider Decade, unfortunately, my passion was ... dimmed after reading and looking from leaked resources and pictures.

The new series storyline was catchy, but the rider costume was so ... ghey.

Meh, that's why we cant' have good things every time, it tends to lead to absolute frustration and fail.

Play Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN today!


LoL.. Thanks for the Info, Capt. Been away from Kamen Rider universe since Den-O - the gay Rider. And I have seen the DCD costume, lol.. it's pink. The mask.. kinda like Ryuki meet every other rider. Ekeke. This story line also like ryuki where he need to fight with another kamen rider. I just hope that Kabuto wont get his ass kick too early. With his power, not even Den-O DenLiner can match.


Original posted by Jumong at 2009-1-5 09:52
LoL.. Thanks for the Info, Capt. Been away from Kamen Rider universe since Den-O - the gay Rider. And I have seen the DCD costume, lol.. it's pink. The mask.. kinda like Ryuki meet every other rider.  ...
Long Time no see u..kinda miss SP!v


I always online ma.. just to farm. Lol.. my def so soft like jello i need alot of ores to upgrade my armor. And if it's gets better.. then i could ditch my 244 dex helmet n look for lower dex helm so i can put more INT . Huhu.. Uh, tauke.. my coffee got a fly swimming inside.


Found the download link for RYL1 :;9019864;/fileinfo.html

Kamen Rider huh? I only watched the first character when I was like 4 @ 5 years old. Then I stopped.

Regarding RYL1, I just want to remind all that I will be online, supporting the market and also the population, BUT not 24hours because Im still downloading some stuffs. Lol.

So to those who wanted to join me, you're very most welcome inside the game, either Kartefant or Akkan.

P/s : dont tell me that I have no life or not. Im just bored, waiting for my first duty on 12th Jan.


Oh and by the way kiey, can you check when will CiB reopen the registration? And what about the status of both games.



Capt, Kamen Rider O_O *shock*

Try *ahem*torrent*ahem*

Erm anyone on the street comment bout ur butt yet ? muahahhaha

Well to me RYL is a serious game but mixing with cute stuffs is a bad idea, killing teh mood tho.

Had my final fun on RYL China last year, so unless there r things attractive to me, otherwise some uber weapons/eq r just a game of number tho, IMHO.

Still there r ppls paying thousands on the game, guess it will last a while.

Kopi O gao 2 cups, TQ.


Yeah, but most of them got banned. Lol.

Still last until now, perhaps I should dry up my gaming needs till the game's gone.

Drinks is served. Ding. Sorry for the delay, accidentally mixed sugar with salt.


hi ...
me kinda new here..
can i join the chat..??
anyway 1 coffee plzz...


Resurrected from death, being buried with tons of works,project,assignment and as well finals.

Still 1 more paper to go, after that I'll be free .. for a moment.

Anyways since everyone was talking bout this .. what you call, New Year experiences sort of stuff and shits .. I guess this stuff happen every now and then at the 356th day of the year and the first few days after as well. For me, it's nothing really .. just another day, where you grew older .. and a change of the number on the back of your calender.

I didn't go for any New Year Celebration, just seeing the firework display from the 17th floor of my apartment .. even IF I wanna go, the heck I just got like RM3 in my wallet. As for student, around this time is the most crucial part .. well, at least for me .. I dont know about others thou. Been so busy that to check in the game lately, but still if there's a few extra times on hand I'll be showing up once in a while.

Owh yeah, since Kickers kept bugging me to try at least one Web-Base MMO, I've been playing Travian MY server 1. Not really my cup of tea but still, it's fun in its own way. Not saying that I'm an expert in managing and manipulating something, but at least my village is growing day by day .. it's kinda heart warming as well. Anyone playing Travian?

Been seeing couple of movies lately, and of course the new Russell Peters show as well. I'm kinda impressed that they make out an animation movie "animatrix" style based on the game Death Space. I've finish the game quite some time ago .. that is need to be seen as well. The new CG animation on Resident Evil as well, real nice since the graphic is up on a par with FF:AC. But .. still, its a disappointment when Americans doing such movie .. their voice actor sucks big time .. as always. I'm waiting for a few movie as well, such as Thor and Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball have turned into a somehow Kung-Fu styled based from what I've saw on the trailer. And Goku's hair turn out to be like shit, same goes for the one who being the Goku. But whats shocking is, Master Roshi turn out to be .. Chow Yun Fat. Thats a surprising as well, Master Roshi .. WITH HAIR.

Anyways, nice to be back.

Because We're Going To Hell Anyways !

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