User Guide For CIB Points & @cash Purchases Using Social Wallet

User Guide For CIB Points & @cash Purchases Using Social Wallet

Step 1: Go to app store (IOS) or play store (Android) search for "Social wallet" and install.

步驟1: 玩家需要到app store (IOS) 或 play store (Android)輸入"Social wallet"并下載該應用。

Step 2: Activate the app by entering your mobile number. You will receive a 5 digit TAC via SMS, which you need to key in. Some phones will
automatically read the incoming TAC and you do not need to key in.

步驟2: 下載完成后打開該應用并輸入個人手機號碼,然後會在手機信息收到一個5個數字的驗證碼將這個驗證碼輸入進行激活(部分手機在接收到驗證碼后會自動激活)。

Step 3:        Choose your preferred username and then fill in all your personal details as per your MyKad or passport. You will also be asked to set a six digit security PIN and to select a security question / answer combo. The security question is used to reset your PIN in case you forgot your PIN.

步驟3: 選擇你想使用的用戶名然後再填寫一些相關的資料和安全密碼(用於重置密碼)。

Step 4:        Login to your app with your Username & PIN. The app will bring you to the Home page, where the balance in your mobile wallet will be shown as zero. Click on the Cash In **on to start loading some money into your wallet.

步驟4: 註冊成功后玩家可以輸入賬號和密碼進行登入。

Step 5:        Click the top left option **on and choose cash in, then click on bank transfer and select transfer to start.

步驟5: 點擊左上方選擇“Cash in”然後點擊“Bank transfer”進行銀行轉賬。

Step 6: There is a list of each bank account number for social wallet, players can select one of the bank which is convenience to proceed the transaction. Once the transaction is complete and click on bottom **on "Notify us".

步驟6: 這裡會顯示每個不同的銀行各自的銀行號碼,玩家可以選擇自己使用的銀行并將要充值的數額轉賬到指定的銀行號碼(@cash和CiBmall Points配套價錢可以在Shop查看)。完成轉賬后再點擊“Notify us”

Step 7: Key in the transaction details and press ok, then you'll receive a notification(it will take 30mins - 60mins to verify).

步驟7: 在這裡玩家需要填寫轉賬的資料和日期時間,提交資料后大致需要30分鐘至60分鐘的時間進行系統確認。

Step 8: To purchase @cash or CIB Points, in the Home Screen, click on Shop. Select Games, and then either CIBmall Points or @Cash Malaysia.

步驟8: 玩家可以點擊選項選擇“Shop”然後選擇CIBmall Points 或 @Cash Malaysia 進行購買。

Step 9: In this example, user is purchasing the RM53.00 CIBmall Point pack. User will key in his or her PIN to make the purchase. Once the purchase is successful, the user will be given all the details in the next screen. A copy of the details will also be sent to Inbox.

步驟9: 例子顯示玩家購買一個馬幣53.00的CiBmall點數。玩家需要輸入賬號密碼進行購買認證,購買成功后會顯示充值序號和密碼。

Step 10: After get the @cash or CiBmall points Serial number and Serial password click on 168 slot reload page link (, enter your game id then insert the serial and password and reload.

步驟10: 當玩家拿到充值序號和密碼后打開這個網址(輸入遊戲ID和充值序號和密碼點擊充值就可以登入到遊戲領取金幣了。