[Mat]How to topup using DiGi ticket topup.

[Mat]How to topup using DiGi ticket topup.

Dear Mat Player,

Introducing our new payment option, the DiGi ticket topup !
Top-ups via DiGi ticket topup are available in RM5, RM10, RM30, RM50 & RM100.
Start refilling your game points with DiGi today!

Here are the guides on how to top up DiGi Direct Billing:
1. Choose Digi Direct Billing at the Reload Page:

2. Click “Type” and choose “Topup Ticket”:

3. Choose your game server and fill in your Game ID. Once done, click “Proceed”

4. Key in your phone number and the Prepaid Pin Number. Once done, click “Redeem”:

5. Once the reload process is successful, check your game account:

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