The Chaotic Reign Mission

The Chaotic Reign Mission

The Chaotic Reign Mission

Soldiers! We have a mission at hand. It is time to expand and test out our skills into a new realm called Chaos Online, which is hinted to be the next big thing (after M.A.T of course).

Although Chaos Online is an entirely different genre to what we soldiers are used to, however, this will be another challenge for a team of 5 to compete against each other.  Take this challenge head-on and show em' who's boss!
Complete the mission given (check out the steps below) and your M.A.T account will be rewarded.

Reward: item Display Voucher x 1 Time

Follow the steps below:

1. Download Chaos Online Client at
2. Register a Playpark account at
3. Log into Chaos Online and create a character.
4. Get a screen shot of your Profile page (Refer to the image below)

5. Send the screenshot to with your M.A.T details.

- Character Name:
- Username:
- Role ID:
- Server:

Best Regards,

M.A.T Team