Mummies On Rampage!

Mummies On Rampage!

Mummies On Rampage!

Mode: Mummy Mode
Map: Nile Valley, Nile Valley 2, Pharaoh Temple, Pharaoh Temple 2, Misty Town & Cal. City of Night and Death.
Weapon: No Limitation
Population: 16

The plague is spreading and human is at the verge of extinction. However, this is no longer about survival. This is about going on a rampage, be it as a human or a mummy, and be the toughest SOB in M.A.T. Adaptation will be the key to be victorious.

Mission: Get the highest Score in the Mummy Mode.
Date: 16 July 2013 – 30 July, 2013 (2 Weeks)
Get the screenshot of the final “Result” and send it to

The Mummies’ Guide

1. Once the match is finished, get the screenshot of the final score and highlight your name.

2. Send in an email to (with the screenshot attached) with the subject of “Mummies on a Rampage”

3. Include your personal details in the emails. The details are:
- Name:
- Username:
- Server:
- Role ID:
- Character Gender: Male/ Female

*The highest score for ten (10) participant will win
- F = mumu weird dream (F) x 30 days
- M = mumu weird dream (M) x 30days

Terms & Conditions

1. The participation will only be valid if the number of players shown in the screenshot have at least ten (10) players in the room. This is to avoid the spam-kill by players in order to be part of the event.

3. Any wrong details that was sent to the M.A.T Team along with the email, will not be entertained.

4. The M.A.T Team/ CIB Net Station will be at liberty to waive any participation if there is any type of bugs/ hacks found to be used by players.

Best Regards,

M.A.T Team