Tomb Of the Dragon - Nightmare Reward!

Tomb Of the Dragon - Nightmare Reward!

Tomb Of the Dragon - Nightmare Reward!

Date: 26 December 2012
Time: 1 p.m (After maintenance.) - (End Date: 8/1/2013 (11am)

Based on the overwhelming support for the recent major MAT "Tomb Of The Dragon" update, the M.A.T Team has decided to re-launch the Nightmare reward and ranking event! The first 10 players who play and win the "Hard Mode" of the Tomb Of The Dragon will be rewarded with a title.

However, players must first send the Screenshot of the Winning Score as a proof to the e-mail provided below. Basically all players have to do is to form a team and survive the extreme attacks of the Dragon King and its minions

Event Flow:

- Players will have to play the mode in a "Nightmare" mode and win the battle.
- Printscreen the Result Display.
- Highlight the character name as a prove for winning the mode (The team that wins can be identified as it showed at the top left of the Result Display)

Send in the printscreen to
Include in the email with following details:
- Name
- Login ID
- Character Name
- Printscreen

* The reward for this event will be only provided for the first 10 players who managed to complete the "Nightmare" Mode and send in the details.

Also, the 10 players who have already participated and won the reward, their participation this time will not be accepted as this is mainly for those who have not yet win.*


- Demon hunter x Permanent
- Super life replenish pack x 1







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