[Event] Guild Badge Redeem System

Guild Badge Redeem System

Group dance choreography has always been more fascinating to watch and difficult to perform. That's why we feel that players that excel in Guild Battle should be awarded with awesome prizes!

So let us presents our latest feature - the Guild Badge Redeem System! If you one a couple of those guild badges lying around, how about trading them in for avatar clothing. Or maybe you can take away a pair of wings or two if you're a dance elitist!

Guild Badge Redeem System will be coming to you on Friday 8th June 2012 after maintenance!

How to redeem:
1.        Visit the SDO-X Events page and press Guild Badge Redeem System.
2.        Enter your SDO-X Season 3 username and password then press “Submit Query

3.        After logged in, you’ll be able to browse the gifts available to be redeemed. Press “Claim” next to the prize to redeem it into the account. Claiming the item will requires a total of 60 badges from any combination within each category and badges will be deducted by the system.

4.        Confirm the item you want to redeem by pressing “Confirm and claim my item”. Or press “No! I don't want!” if you wish to choose another prize. Friendly reminder for players to ensure there is sufficient space in mailbox.

5.        After successful claim, you may press “Go back” to browse for more items to be redeemed. We would like to remind players not to refresh the page as it might cause the prize to be redeemed and badges deducted twice.
6.        Prizes will be sent to your mailbox in SDO-X Season 3.

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