MATIC 2013 Malaysia League

MATIC 2013 Malaysia League

MATIC 2013 Malaysia League

Mission Against Terror International Championship (MATIC) 2013 will be pitting numerous countries against each other for the second consecutive time. However, this time, it is going to be held in the land of the free, Thailand!

Venue: Bangkok Siam Paragon, Thailand
Date: 24 January, 2013 - 28 January, 2013

As MATIC 2013 will be hosted in Thailand this time around, Malaysia will be sponsoring 2 teams as representatives. The MAT Team from CIB Net Station will be searching for this 2 worthy teams through the qualifying rounds which will be commencing in July.

There will be 2 season of MATIC 2013 Malaysia League Qualifying Rounds. The first season will begin from July until September, 2012.

* The schedule is subjected to future changes.

It will be a strenuous process for players to go through, however, the tickets to Thailand will not be the only reward players should be looking forward to. The extremely lucrative cash prize worth RM100,000 will be up for grabs for players to at least train and join the MATIC 2013 Malaysia League.

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