[Event] Room Rumble Event

Room Rumble Event

No matter how skillful and creative your dance may be, there won’t be an audience without a stage. To become the best, deserves the best stage under the brightest spotlight! That’s why we challenge you being at the right spot at the right time!

Date: 4th - 8th June 2012
Time: All day at random

How to participate:-
1. A GM character named SDO-X_Team01 will randomly appears in-game during the event period once a day to announce a random number. (GM will not ask for your password)

2. Room host will have to check their room number to see if it contains the number our GM announced. If it doesn’t contain the number or you don’t have a room, act fast and make a new room that contains the number. (If the random number GM announced is 1, room host of 001, 017, 031 will have a chance of winning if picked.)

3. Once you got a room containing the number, gets the GM’s attention by using Loud Speaker stating which channel and room number you’re in.

4. GM will randomly pick 10 players from each server every round and enter their room to record the player’s name as winner.


Terms & Conditions:
1. Player must be host to the room and remain as host until GM records the name.
2. Winners will be announce on the SDO-X Official Website after the end of the event.
3. Prizes will be send out manually within the next seven (7) working days after the winner announcement is made.
4. SDO-X Team Management retain the ultimate right to change and to follow the actual situation of deletions, amendments or changes to activities approach
5. If there are any unexpected events change leading to cancel, terminate, modify or suspension of activities and gifts content, SDO-X Team Management will post it on the official website.

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