[SDO-X] GM How To Find Back My Second Password

GM How To Find Back My Second Password

GM do you know how i get back my second password from cibmall for my latest detail update cause i can't changed it because i had forgotten my second password and i don't know how to recovery please help i appreciate thanks


GM my SDO password give people hack.You can find my password?


how to find back my second password

gm my id give people hack cn help me find bck ? thank you


Dear Player,

You need to submit a PIF form by download from CIBMALL website】After you have fill in your details 【registration detail】and attach with your photocopy of IC then proceed send to
Only the person who provides correct information will able to change password.
If still don't understand the procedure, please contact our customer service 03-80238315.

Thank You.


Forgotten 2nd Password

I forgotten my 2nd password for cib can u help me find it?


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Dear Player ,

You need to submit a PIF form by download from CIBMALL website】After you have fill in your details 【registration detail】and attach with your photocopy of IC then proceed send to
Only the person who provides correct information will able to change password.
If still don't understand the procedure, please contact our customer service 03-80238315.

Thank You