Troubleshooting:Blue Screen and Auto Restart Problem

Troubleshooting:Blue Screen and Auto Restart Problem

Troubleshooting:Blue Screen and Auto Restart Problem

After the maintenance on 19th April 2011. M.A.T. Team received some of the player's feedback on problems that they've encountered during game play and these consist of the sudden blue screen and automatic restart problem. The following steps will help us in solving the problem

Windows 7/XP /Vista user please follow this instruction.

1. Right click on "My Computer", and then click on "Properties", as shown on Figure 1.  

Figure 1

2. In the Pop-up Interface, select the "Advance" Tab, and under the "Startup and Recovery" section, click on "Settings", as shown on Figure 2.

Figure 2

3.In the "Startup and Recovery" Page, change your setting according to those shown in Figure 3.
Attention : Please do not tick "Automatically Restart".

Figure 3

4. After you've done changing your setting, Click "OK"!  
5. Restart your computer and try to launch game again.

If the error persists after completing above steps, please send us the memory.dmp file along with the details requested below to

Where to get the dump file?
The default location of the dump file is %SystemRoot%\memory.dmp or C:\Windows\memory.dmp if C: is your default system drive.

Why we need to collect your dump file?
The memory.dmp file is created by the system when the computer setting is incompatible to the game and causing the computer to auto-restart and blue screen error. Therefore the file is essential for us to determine the cause.

Sample of Personal Detail Input:
Player character’s name: MATplayer
Computer window system: Window 7
Antivirus software: Avira
Facing blue screen or auto restart problem: blue screen
The Number of times you encounter such issue: 5 times
How such issue occurs: When I joined in a game room, the blue screen appears when the game is loading.
How long after the game start will such issue occur: When I login into MAT, I usually away from keyboard around 10 minutes and then I join a game and such problem happen!