Troubleshoot: Missing File “MFC71.dll”

Troubleshoot: Missing File “MFC71.dll”

Dear Valued Players,

        MAT official team hereby to inform that we have received minor reports regarding the problem of missing file in player’s computer, and now we are publishing this troubleshooting guide in order to solve the problem with all the players.

        After the scheduled game maintenance on 19th April 2011, some players experienced the error of missing “MFC71.dll” file while entering into the game launcher. The error message is shown as below:

      The aforementioned error message indicates that the file “MFC71.DLL” does not exist in player’s computer. This error is generally caused by the computer settings and game DLL settings in the player’s computer. However, player can still enter into the game by following the instructions as stated below:

•          Go to the folder of game client, copy the “MFC71.DLL” file, and then paste the file into C:\Windows\system32  and  C:\Windows\SysWOW64\   (Please refer to the screenshots below)

[Step 1]: Copy the “MFC71.DLL” file inside the folder of game client.

[Step 2]: Paste the file into the directory of C:\windows\system32

[Step 3] (For those who are using 64-bit OS): Paste the file into the directory of C:\Windows\SysWOW64\  

After you completed all the 3 steps, restart your computer and enter into the game again. Congratulations, the problem is now completely solved!