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Kiss Guild Annual Trip

Dear all kiss member,

The Leaders and committees of Kiss Guild is planning for our Kiss Guild Annual Trip. Followings are the list of place suggest:-
Please give more suggestions and comments for us to have further decision according to the choice of all of you.

Remarks : Attendance Confirmation upon money received.

Thank  you ^^

we r alrdy comfirm 1 go bukit merah + penang,pls dunt vote again and tis saturday we dunt hv any gathering at genting highland...thx for ur all coo-poration..
By -[Kiss]-WenYau

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1.  Pulau Redang (by Flight)- May
2.  Penang + Bukit Merah Resort
3.  Pulau Tioman
4.  Genting Highland
5.  Pulau Pangkor