CiB Net Station Jobs Vacancy

CiB Net Station Jobs Vacancy

Customer Service Officer (Chinese & English)
Work Location: USJ Selangor
Job requirements:

    * Must be above 18 years old.
    * Academic Level: SPM or above.
    * Basic knowledge of computer operation, online games, and internet development.
    * Good communication skills.
    * Proficiency in Chinese and English (Read, Write, and Speak)
    * Night shift is required.
    * Need to know at least 1 Chinese Input Software.

客户服务管理员 (中文与英文)
工作地点 : USJ Selangor
职位要求与描述 :

* 18岁以上,男女不拘。   
* 须拥有SPM文凭或更高学历。   
* 须具备电脑常识,并对网络游戏和网络趋势有基本的认知。   
* 拥有良好的沟通能力,能掌握客服的应对技巧。   
* 通晓中、英文书写和会话。   
* 须于夜间工作。   
* 懂得使用中文输入法软件。

Product Executive
Work Location: USJ Selangor
Job requirements:

*Conceptualization and planning of new event and program
* Proficiency in Chinese and English (Read, Write, and Speak)
* Liaise and coordinate with clients on related issues
* Prepare and execute the events and program accordingly to plan
* Applicants should be Malaysian citizens or hold relevant residence status.
* Full-time position available
* Fresh graduate are encourage to apply, working experience will be an advantage.

工作地点 : USJ Selangor
职位要求与描述 :

* 负责构思方案与拟定计划书。
* 需要通晓中、英文书写和会话。
* 负责与客户协调与商讨相关网游问题。
* 负责制订与执行相应的网游方案。
* 申请者必须是马来西亚公民或持有马来西亚居留证。
* 申请者可申请全职工作。
* 欢迎初入社会的毕业生前来应征。有工作经验者将优先考虑。


Vacancy: 1
Work Location: USJ Selangor

Job Scope:

    * Translate game contents, website, product information and other related documents (Chinese to English and English to Chinese).
    * Write articles for magazines and other media, regarding the features and promotion of games/products and brand image.
    * Copywriting for websites and responsible for the upgrades of web contents.
    * Play the main role in creative writing, brainstorming on promotion slogans and advertisement ideas.

Job Requirements:

    * Diploma or above, preferably related to Mass Communication or Language studies.
    * Proficiency in Chinese AND English languages, with good writing skill and translation skill.
    * Scrupulous and precise. Ability to handle tasks of translation and creative writing is required.
    * Have basic knowledge on the industry of online game, web entertainment and Internet development.


招聘人数 : 1
工作地点 : USJ Selangor


    * 翻译游戏内容、网站、产品资料和其他相关文件 (中译英,英译中) 。
    * 撰写文稿并刊登于各杂志和平面媒体,作为游戏宣传和品牌建立之用。
    * 网站文案的创建和维护。
    * 创作广告文案,并参与广告设计的构思。


    * Diploma或以上学历,大众传播/语言相关科系为佳。
    * 精通中英文,具备优秀的写作能力和翻译技巧。
    * 心思细腻,能妥善处理文案创作和校对的工作。
    * 对网络游戏和网络趋势有基本的认知。

Marketing Executive

The number of recruits: 3
Work Location: Penang, Johor, USJ Selangor

Job Description:

    * Promote the completion of game objectives, operating rules and procedures.<
    * Collection, analysis, and transmission of game information.

Job Requirements:

    * Diploma or above
    * be familiar with and love for the cause of online games;
    * hardworking, can withstand strong pressure to adapt to outdoor work;
    * and good humour, have good interpersonal communication skills and language ability;


招聘人数 : 3
工作地点 : Penang, Johor, USJ Selangor

职位描述 :

    * 完成大区游戏推广目标、运作规则及流程
    * 游戏信息的收集、分析、传递。

职位要求 :

    * Diploma或以上学历
    * 熟悉并热爱网络游戏事业;
    * 刻苦耐劳,能够承受较强的工作压力,适应户外工作;
    * 性格开朗,具备良好的人际沟通能力和语言表达能力

Online Game On-Ground Promoter

The number of recruits: 10 ++
Work Location: Kuala Lumpur , Penang

Job requirements and description:

    * Responsible for the maintenance of poster and bunting at local area cybercafes, the maintenance of the game client,and organize Cybercafe activities;
    * Collect and aggregate the information of local area Cybercafes.

Job Requirements:

    * No requirement on academic level.
    * Outgoing personality, like to communicate with people;
    * Familiar with and love for the cause of online games
    * and good humor, have good interpersonal communication skills and language ability;


招聘人数 : 10 ++
工作地点 : KL , Penang

职位要求与描述 :

    * 负责所在地区网吧海报张贴、客户端维护以及组织网吧包机活动;
    * 负责所在地区网吧详细资料的搜集、汇总。


    * 学历不限
    * 性格外向,喜欢与人打交道;
    * 熟悉并热爱网络游戏事业