③. Our Blog 日記

③. Our Blog 日記

I think this thread has been already made in the previous forum.
So I'm here to add this to this forum too^^
This thread, is mainly focus on people who is boring and had nothing to do.
Hmmmms.. Actually who also can laXD
Just Like a Diary, you can write down what make you happy/unhappy today.
Or some memorable things that happened todayXD Feeling down or emo-ing?
Just giving some ideas on something you can write:D

Anyway, I blog @
do drop by and say hi :D

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Saturday 31-5-2008 9.21pm
Hi bloggy.

Having so much fun on the holidays.
But, most of the time was spend in school.
With Mr.Siva / Math Lessons. In the 4days,
i learnt to draw different type of graphs^^
OHYA! On the last day of the lesson, Friday,
Mr.Siva treats us PIZZA:D
We shared with 3-8 class. Yea, it is enough for all of us.
Teacher spend total of S$174 on those pizzas and drinks.
AHA! satisfied  my lunchXD
So for the pass 4days, after my class, i was alone in CausWayPoiny.
In the McDonal:( Doing my homeworks. Really don't like the feeling!!!
Btw, completed my Food&Nurition and
Chinese worksheet that worth it being alone^^

And Thank You Mr.siva for spending his holiday with us
as in teaching us math.

                                                              Love, HuiTing