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Author: evilmafia    Time: 2017-2-9 19:26     Subject: GM

dear GM i forget password admin clan.. help me please!
name ingame : `Aliff
Author: Cib_cs028    Time: 2017-2-10 17:39

Dear Player,

You need to submit a PIF form by download from CIBMALL website ... New%20format%5D.doc
After you have fill in your details ¡¾registration detail¡¿and attach with your photocopy of IC then proceed send to

Thank you
Author: salimar    Time: 2017-3-19 17:56     Subject: Gm

Gm please help me. my id is ilegal . because long time no open
Author: Cib_cs028    Time: 2017-3-21 15:35     Subject: Reply 3# salimar's post

Dear Player,

Kindly contact our customer service 03-80238315 / 03-50223018 or e-mail to for assistance.

Thank you
Author: HeyImrusydi    Time: 2017-8-18 23:56     Subject: Want Unbind ID got ic nmbr tho .. Help me pls

hello help me want unbind 1 id from my cib ..

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