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Subject: All see what [MY]PacmanZ say HAHA! [Print This Page]

Author: AzelKillerZ    Time: 2012-2-22 20:13     Subject: All see what [MY]PacmanZ say HAHA!

All see this name [MY]PacmanZ say what to me.. ^_^

so funny
see this:-  
don worry bryan.. you good
Author: [MY]PacmanZ    Time: 2012-2-22 20:56     Subject: Reply 1# AzelKillerZ's post

I can prove that this is a fake easily.

All we need to do is go to the 5th post of this thread. ... p;extra=&page=1
Learn to frame people properly, noob. My English is way better than your Google Translate.

mau kasi fitnah aq? nak kena polis report ka anak haram? Islam ada ajar korang memfitnah org lain kah?

kalau ko nak main ngan aq, boleh. kite jumpa kat mahkamah dan main ngan serius. aq dah kasi korang baik hati tapi kalau korang masih nak main, boleh. kalau masuk penjara, jngan nangis ya. UMNO x dapat bantu korang lagi

ataupun korang mau aq sebar sikap **mak ko yg ambil rasuah UMNO dan ponteng puasa? kalau nak, aq boleh wat video jugak
summore korang yg cabar aq main CS atau Half Life kat last year kan? sekarang mau lari dari cabaran diri?

Kau memang sampah masyarakat yg x layak bersuara

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Author: Wongthethlef2    Time: 2012-2-22 22:23

I can tell it is edit.

1.) Look at the Font, it should be smaller than my signature.
2.) Besides, he won't use this >> :'(  << All I only know is AzelKillerZ is the one who uses this the most.
3.) Also, he wouldn't say something like that. He didn't even mention he lose to you. You are the one who RAN AWAY like a LOSER from the CS challenge.
Author: BiterVirgin    Time: 2012-2-23 00:43     Subject: Reply 1# AzelKillerZ's post

you just shiittt on your hand and eat it.. how does it taste? shiitt enough?   IDIO.TARD level: impossibruu!
one word for you! you are retarded.. that's three words? i use google translate ma.. its one.. *if you know what i mean
Author: [MY]PacmanZ    Time: 2012-2-23 03:08

If anyone wants evidence of him running away from his own challenge, just look around the forum. Screenshots of his first excuse will be provided on demand.

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Author: FishyFantasy    Time: 2012-2-23 09:42

Actually, what is your intention? What do you want us to respond to you?


There, my IQ level just turned into 0.
Author: AzelKillerZ    Time: 2012-2-23 13:02     Subject: Reply 2# [MY]PacmanZ's post

fake.. all don go he give a link.. he just lie you all
Author: AzelKillerZ    Time: 2012-2-23 13:03     Subject: Reply 3# Wongthethlef2's post

this is not edit lah HAHAHA
Author: AzelKillerZ    Time: 2012-2-23 13:03     Subject: Reply 4# BiterVirgin's post

Go youtube type this
BoyFriend - Boyfriend
or click my signature to go..
Author: [MY]PacmanZ    Time: 2012-2-23 17:28

Original posted by AzelKillerZ at 2012-2-23 13:02
fake.. all don go he give a link.. he just lie you all
Cry more please
Sounds like the cry of a pathetic sore loser.... again
Author: UMAKEMESICK    Time: 2012-2-23 22:51

Author: AzelKillerZ    Time: 2012-2-24 20:33     Subject: Reply 10# [MY]PacmanZ's post

how to cry dude?
Author: AzelKillerZ    Time: 2012-2-24 20:33     Subject: Reply 11# UMAKEMESICK's post

where you get this?
Author: FishyFantasy    Time: 2012-2-24 22:29

Author: AzelKillerZ    Time: 2012-3-1 15:15     Subject: Reply 14# FishyFantasy's post

is that your boyfriend?
Author: FishyFantasy    Time: 2015-8-18 15:44

Pfffttt nice one really! Bump this one up

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