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Subject: M.A.T. Shield implement: Troubleshooting Guide [Print This Page]

Author: Ziker    Time: 2011-3-4 17:03     Subject: M.A.T. Shield implement: Troubleshooting Guide

M.A.T. Shield implement: Troubleshooting Guide

Dear Valued M.A.T. players,

The official M.A.T. team is hereby to inform you that the M.A.T. game client is undergoing the installation of a security function named ¡°M.A.T Shield¡±. This process would have caused some players to face the failures on starting/login the game. In order to solve this problem, we prepared this Troubleshooting Guide for your reference.   

The possible situations that caused the game troubles are listed as below:  

1.  Player is using illegal 3rd-party software (e.g. BOT).

Completely close the cursor simulator, BOT, and any other illegal 3rd party software, and then try to login the game again.

2.Player clicked ¡°Block¡± or ¡°Stop¡± on the pop-up warning message of anti-virus software or firewall. Or, the system is affected by the default settings of security software and causing the computer to be restarted.

Click ¡°Allow¡± or ¡°Agree¡± on the pop-up message of security software when you start the game by the first time, in order to add-in the game client to the safety list.

3.Mostly happen to Cybercaf¨¦ user. If the management software of cybercaf¨¦ does not consist of the anti-BOT driver, the Game Guard may not allow users to login the game.

Please request the web administrator/cybercaf¨¦ staff to upgrade the drivers of management software, and set the anti-BOT file *.sys as the security driver.

4.The computer account that is used to login the game is not Administrator account. For example, the Guest account.

(a)For Windows users:
On Windows interface, click Start ¡ú Settings/Control Panel ¡ú User Accounts, and then choose the user¡¯s account as: Administrator. After that, restart the game client.
(b)For Vista/Win7 users:
Right-click the game application (.exe file), and then click the ¡°Run as Administrator¡± option from the drop-down menu.  

M.A.T. Team

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