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Subject: ziker why no malaysia [Print This Page]

Author: xXtaraXx    Time: 2010-3-3 17:06     Subject: ziker why no malaysia

why no malaysia server
Author: StormTropper    Time: 2010-3-3 17:17

serve down
Author: Jackson    Time: 2010-3-3 17:24

Do you still have the same problem now?
Author: xXtaraXx    Time: 2010-3-3 17:44     Subject: Reply 3# Jackson's post

what u mean?
sry my english bad
Author: Jackson    Time: 2010-3-3 17:57

regarding MAT malaysia server currently technical still fixing the issue.
Author: cester    Time: 2010-3-3 18:01

me kill 100 suddenly black out
Author: MaxUp    Time: 2010-3-3 18:11

LOL me wan go see whats the problem me juz now keep see so i no play.
Author: trojan96    Time: 2010-3-3 18:12     Subject: Reply 1# xXtaraXx's post

mat now restart sure la malaysia dun hav
Author: OrangeLabour    Time: 2010-3-3 18:19     Subject: Reply 3# Jackson's post

jackson why ban my id xXTaraXx
Author: OrangeLabour    Time: 2010-3-3 18:26

jackson my id have open yesterday 2.3.2010
then today u ban my id back
Author: MaxUp    Time: 2010-3-3 18:42     Subject: Reply 10# OrangeLabour's post

What did you do wrong this time.
Author: paragon95    Time: 2010-3-3 18:44

now suddenly no any server... what going on.? maintainence..? yesterday just maintainence also..!!
Author: trojan96    Time: 2010-3-3 18:46     Subject: Reply 11# MaxUp's post

sure scold GM
Author: OrangeLabour    Time: 2010-3-3 18:55     Subject: Reply 11# MaxUp's post

me scold and fight with gigabait360
he id also GM ban
Author: OrangeLabour    Time: 2010-3-3 18:56     Subject: jackson

when i open malaysia my pc come freez then  it say unable connect to the lobby server
Author: lailai5566    Time: 2010-3-4 16:58

Author: Aken    Time: 2010-3-4 17:37

he say he fight wif gigacrap then his id kena ban...
Author: hihiboy333    Time: 2010-3-4 17:51

No la
Becuz he post MAT China To Forum
Sure Kena BAN la
Author: Aken    Time: 2010-3-4 21:19

Original posted by hihiboy333 at 2010-3-4 17:51
No la
Becuz he post MAT China To Forum
Sure Kena BAN la
Author: paragon95    Time: 2010-3-4 22:44

lag..? or ban..? or maybe server maintainence...

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