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Subject: Blockings [Print This Page]

Author: MaxUp    Time: 2010-2-7 14:49     Subject: Blockings

Anybody care to tell me why mummies love to block human = hlp human
the human no brain or what
they don`t know how to hide is it or they noob
I wish mummies can go trough mummies
I hateblocking i don`t hlp block or let ppl
block me if the block me i shoot and i get scolded by ppl
:em42: :em42:
Author: nicky94    Time: 2010-2-7 14:50

wrong section
Author: WindPhoeniX    Time: 2010-2-7 14:57

me to WRong Section........                     
Author: MAT(adviser)    Time: 2010-2-7 15:21     Subject: /004

wrong section
Author: MaxUp    Time: 2010-2-7 15:43

hey sry wrong section i go post at the helpdesk section or the suggestion section.
Author: WindPhoeniX    Time: 2010-2-7 15:56

aiyo wait what blocking
Author: TheRiddlezClan    Time: 2010-2-7 16:09     Subject: TheRiddlezClan™

Wrong section post......
Author: MaxUp    Time: 2010-2-7 16:28     Subject: Sry

Sry Sry Sry Sry
Author: XBoyZPhoeniX    Time: 2010-2-7 16:30

Ya lolz wrong section go post at BattleField section..
TheRiddle dun so mad liao...he still new...
Author: WindPhoeniX    Time: 2010-2-7 16:36

Yaya not a problem why mad
Author: MaxUp    Time: 2010-2-8 15:26

At least evildave understand
Author: ToFFyiCE_2    Time: 2010-2-8 16:18

although he wrong section just answer wat he wan?...
he still newbie
Author: MaxUp    Time: 2010-2-8 18:37

All you guys know is he newbie and wrong section
at least hlp me la.
Author: lailai5566    Time: 2010-2-8 18:38

i also hate blocker ,alway block human,let mummy lose!!!! i hope gm can make the kick function
Author: ~D@rK@ng3L~    Time: 2010-2-9 10:57

ya...hate blocker... ....
lailai5566...mostly kick function is vote...human protected by blocker mostly will vote no ....
Author: CiBCS03    Time: 2010-2-9 11:32

if mummies like to block human. Then next time buy a hammer then smash the mummies la
Author: 871026    Time: 2010-2-9 12:03

mostly when im be mummies i wont hit human if they dun shot o hit me n i will go someplace n juz stay at there, but i also help block those who has help me block b4
Author: ArcticMonkeySta    Time: 2010-2-9 12:54

Haha !
U Want No Blocker ..
Better U Create Room ..
Put Attack Mutually For Mummy Only ..
Then Mummy Can Kill Mummy ..

Author: TheRiddlezClan    Time: 2010-2-9 14:04     Subject: TheRiddlezClan

me also like that before...........
its ok............
try to understand.........
Author: MaxUp    Time: 2010-2-9 21:14

hey..871026 aka GunGrave
still remember i kill u at the coffin
using my m134.
Author: 871026    Time: 2010-2-10 09:39

M134atk hang in there cant run
Author: MaxUp    Time: 2010-2-10 22:14

yup cuz bullet many and u got no way to run....
Author: MaxUp    Time: 2010-2-23 16:09

nobody wanna post already
Author: JaPaN    Time: 2010-2-26 12:08

yalor . if dun wan mummy play blocking . u host that game . then change that mummy can hit mummy . only mummy . sure no blocking . n sure mummy blocking that will die .

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