-Stuck On The Loading Screen-

-Stuck On The Loading Screen-

How to fix this problem?
I already disable the antivirus and firewall.Went it's still not working,I using MAT Repair Tool to fix it.But still not working.I reinstall 2 time but still same.I update my latest graphic card, but MAT still stuck on the loading screen.

Can GM or MAT Staff help me solve this problem?


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Dear Player,

Here are some methods which you can try to resolve this issue:

Method 1:
If your PC has McAfee anti virus installed in it, you’ll need to un-install it first in order for the game to function. Then restart your PC to try again.

Method 2:
Make sure you turned off your Windows Auto Update function as this will also affect your game. Once you've switched off the function, restart the PC and try to re-login the game.

Method 3:
If you're a Nvidia Graphic Card user, please adjust your setting according to the steps below:
1. Desktop -> Right Click -> Nvidia Control Panel
2. Manage 3D Settings
3. Program Settings
4. 1. Select a program to customize: Select mat.exe
5. Once you've completed the above steps, restart your PC and re-login to the game.

Method 4:
If you're a Windows 10 user, kindly turn off your window defender updates as this might affect your game as well. Restart the PC and try to launch the game after turning off the function.

Thank you


I've tried all the methods but still stuck on the loading screen.
There are other methods ?
Otherwise I would bring my laptop to the tower summit to repair this problem.