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Request for a ban on 'coolname'

Like what I just mentioned on the title, I, and also other members would like to request for a ban on 'coolname' for:
Part I: Rules on Posting
9. Spamming, posting vulgar word, scurrilous attack will not be tolerated in this forum under any circumstance.
You can refer it on ... &extra=page%3D1
and for not following
7. Users should use an appropriate, specific, descriptive title when posting a new topic, ie clear and obvious. Any post which is vague will not be entertained.

Examples of good title: “Where can I download TJO game client?” “I am having activation problem with my Dancing Pad.”

Examples of bad title: “Help!” “GM come!” “Why like this!” This kind of bad titles will not be entertained. Therefore, if users wish to be responded promptly, do make sure users have specified everything clearly.
Almost everyday complain about CSO stuffs LOL

*credit on

Come on, get a life.

I wonder if any of the CiBMall staffs are afraid of banning this dumbass or they are blind enough to bother it.

If anyone wants to add more information, feel free to do so.

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