Purchase CiB Points with E-banking Service / 使用电子银行(E-banking)购买CiB点数

Purchase CiB Points with E-banking Service / 使用电子银行(E-banking)购买CiB点数

Purchase CiB Points with E-banking Service
Great News for all the CiB online games players who are used to e-banking and internet conscious! From now on, you can purchase CiB Points (CP) through online banking systems such as Maybank2u, CIMB Clicks, and so on.

How to purchase CiB Points (CP):

1. Go to CiBmall official website at
2. Click 'CiB Shop'.
3. Choose the amount of CP or the game package that you want to purchase, and then click ‘Buy Now’.
4. Follow the instructions of purchase, and do not forget to choose the correct payment method from the list provided.  

We are glad to provide a more reliable online payment platform for all our beloved customers. Thanks a lot for your support!


        众人引颈期盼的E-banking电子银行支付管道,终于在CiBmall正式开通!CiB旗下游戏的忠实玩家们,从此多了一种便捷、安全性高的付费方式。CiBmall支援多数国内主流电子银行服务,包括Maybank2u、CIMB Clicks等等。
CiB 点数(CP)指南:

1. 登入CiBmall 官方网站:
2. 点击 'CiB Shop'进入CiB网上商场。
3. 选择欲购买的CP数量 或 游戏产品包,并点击‘Buy Now’。
4. 依循系统的购买步骤,从列表中选择正确的付费方式和管道。


[Guide] How to use E-banking service to purchase CiB Points at CiBmall:

[使用教学] 怎样使用银行户口在Cibmall购买CiB point。

Step 1: Log on to CiBmall at and click the “CiB Shop” button, and then choose the “Product Info” tab.

步骤1:只要玩家输入以下网址 “” 就可以看到在下方有一个按键叫“CiB Shop”或在CiBmall的网站点击“CiB Shop”然后选择“Product Info”。

Step 2: As you entered into “CiB Shop”, you will see the interface below. Select the CiB Point amount that you want to purchase, and then click “Buy Now”.

步骤2:点击“CiB Shop”后就会看到这个页面,玩家只需要点选自己所要购买的点卡点击“Buy Now”。

Step 3: The system will lead you to the interface showing terms and conditions of CiBmall. Kindly read all the rules in order to protect your own rights. After that, remember to tick the “I accept the Terms…” statement. Then, press the [MEPS] icon on the page and proceed to the next step.

步骤3:进入注意事项的页面玩家需要仔细阅读以下注意事项,然后在 "I accept the Term"前面的格子点击一次在 【MEPS】的图片上用滑鼠点击进入下一步骤。

Step 4: After that, you will be automatically entered to the payment interface shown as below. The 1st column is ISENTRIC SDN BHD 01, the 2nd column and 3rd column will show the Order Number and the Transaction Number respectively (Attention: Please take the numbers as important notes or photocopy this page). The “Item” section will show the order item(s) selected by user. Please ensure the item title and quantity are correct, and confirm the total amount.

After final confirmations of the above issues, please proceed to the “Select Your Internet Banking Account” section. Kindly select the E-banking service that you want to use, and then click “Agree and Continue”.

步骤4:玩家进入了付费界面了在这里玩家可以看到ISENTRIC SDN BHD 01在第一项,第二项和第三项是玩家订单号码和中介人号码(这些都是重要的资料玩家务必写下或复印)。在Item那一栏是玩家所购买的物品,请确认所购买的CiB Point是否正确,Amount就是是玩家所需要付出的金额。

确认后玩家需要在Select your internet banking account 下面选择玩家所要用于付款的银行,然后按“Agree and continue”进入下一步骤。

Step 5: If a window pops up with the message shown as below, this means your internet browser’s setting has blocked the pop-up windows, so players need to follow the instructions of Step 6 to change the settings.


tep 6: In order to make the whole payment progress run smoothly, we recommend turning off Pop-up blocker in your internet browser. Example of changing settings in Internet Explorer: Go to Tools  Pop-up Blocker, and then select “Turn Off Pop-up Blocker” to turn off the pop-up blocker function.

步骤6: 玩家可以在当天网页游览器的tools哪里选择pop-up blocker 然后选择 turn off pop- up blocker.关闭这个设定就可以了。

Step 7: Back to the payment interface, you may click the ‘Proceed’ button to go to the next step.


Step 8: Please login with your own bank account.


Step 9: Please ensure that the bank account info and Transaction Number are correct, and then click “Continue”.


Step 10: Please key-in the TAC (Transaction Authorization Code).

步骤10:请输入TAC (Transaction Authorization Code) 号码。

Step 11: The interface below indicates that you have successfully purchased CiBmall points by using the E-banking service.


Step 12: Please keep the “Transaction is in progress” window opened, until the window shown at Step 13 appeared.


Step 13: The window shown as below indicates the success of E-banking payment progress. Click “Next” to proceed.


Step 14: Congratulations, you have got the reload code of CiBmall Points!