M.A.T Features

M.A.T Features

Dear players,
I would like to sharing some info about M.A.T features, hope all of you enjoy to read this!

VoIP Chat
Want to listens your teammate scream when getting ambush?
Don’t know how to express yourself through typing or maybe you need to shout out those pleas for help?
Don’t worry, now you can easily communicate with friends and uniting the team power as one against the enemy!
Furthermore, you can also use it to taunt the enemy to boost your team morality.

Dancing Recovery
Afraid of dying because you don’t have enough health to survive the shootout?
That’s where you’re wrong, simply press V and you can start dancing your health back up!!

Personal Costume
Don’t like the costume you’re wearing?
Jealous of other people looks better?
If you got money, you can also do that!
There are varies kind of clothing for you to choose from!!
Allow other to acknowledge your style and taste and be the coolest one around!!

Varies of Weapons
M60? MP7? AK47? Which one that is your favorites?
There are many different weapons to choose from and every single one of them is capable of mutilating your opponent.
Buy one that hurts the most and show your opponent whose boss!

Mummy Mode
Have you ever tried turning into a mummy and charge at your opponent?
Or maybe experience the feeling of escaping the brink of death?
Now you can experience these yourself with this mode.

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Mummy Mode photo sharing~

Either you wish human extinction or let the mummies dominate the world, all is up to you!

mummy chasing people~!

hehe.. let's caught this girl to become our part!

Don't hide! no matter how you hide, we also can find you out!

can't run out from my sight~!

omg!! so many mummies (from human view)

oh...gosh!! run!!(from human view)

chase her~!!!

Ehemn... welcome to mummy's world

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