Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations

★These are the simple rules and regulations when you become an A|-cLanZer! Please follow it or action will be taken.★

№.1   Please pay attention on new announcement by leader in forum. Make sure you check for new update before replying any post.

№.2   Dont be rude and please be respect to other players.Dont even bother to provoke a fight unless the person start first.

№.3   Please online in game for atleast twice a week.(If urgency case is acceptable but please inform to leader first)

№.4   Dont create any trouble till the leader has to involve in it. Means, make decision yourself.

№.5   Dont simply 'spamming' till someone arguing you intercrupt the games.

№.6   All members all welcome to active in forum for help assistant,suggestion and discussion.

№.7  Our operation channel is HANALEI channel on begginer mode and advance channel will be discuss later.(If you're not Hanalei regular,please stop by in this channel to say hi on other members)

№.8   Group/family score has to be increase by 20 atleast in a week.(There will be reward for whom the highest scorer in every week)

№.9    Dont talk nonsense in forum and please use proper language.

№.10  Inviting other active members are clan's pleasure and please inform the leader first for checking on the player's profile.

№.11  Dont Leave This guild withoUt inform to main members 1st espcially LEADERS,if you do so, we'll find you back!

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Rules & regulations for the forum

Please take note of some of the rules & regulations in the forum.

1) DO NOT start any unnecessary threads without the approval of the family mods.
-  Please state your reason for opening a new thread & discuss it with us before doing so.
-  Any unnecessary threads would be closed and deleted.

2) DO NOT have more than 3 replies at a time.
-  Best if able to fit in a few quotes in 1 reply.

3) Please maintain a pleasant relationship between forumers & do not start fights.
-  Mind your manners & language in the forum.
-  Replies with vulgarities would be deleted.

4) DO NOT spam in just any threads.
-  There are threads that are open not for spamming.
-  ie; Recruitment center thread, Gallery threads
-  Any irrelevant replies would be deleted.