`:Annoucement:`(update on 11/05/2009)

`:Annoucement:`(update on 11/05/2009)

~.:This Thread are For Guild Leader post Only..Please Dont Post aNything here..:.~

Thank You

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Finnaly, Our own Guild forum finnaly successly made on 9th July 2008! All Member are kindly join and active the forum!

A|-C£anZ UP up!!! ↑↑  ♥♥


Fighting 4 Pr|de!

a10tion to all Members!‡

There will be shua jia on advance on this weekend ( 11- 13th July )regards to an ex-member ( +[Hny]+C|n ) challenge us and our clanz pride against his new guild named
This is Important to us especially me as he adressed us as coward guild because never play on advance mode.
Therefore, we have to show us we are capable to play there!

The date still not set..i'll update soon! TQ



All members are to be warn DONT EVER give away easily your account details which is id and password to ANYBODY to avoid being hacked by irresponsible people outhere. DOnt even bother if he/she offers you Mpoint,PpOint,ITEM or etc.

Eventhough they LOOK rich, Lv high and famous, DOnt even bug it!

DOnt too late for Crying and regret for something careless you had done!



Event of all days:

Every week, who's the high scorer on family point will be given 7 Day random item.
(You can choose what you want of course.)

i'll be checking every person family point on profile every day and save the point for count on every last day on 1 week.

For an instant,

                Hon3y3a3y score for 17/7/2008 = 100 point
                Hon3y3a3y score for 18/7/2008 = 150 point                                                

                     frod score for 17/7/2008 = 100 point
                     frod score for 18/7/2008 = 160 point   

Therefore, frod is the highest score for the week and prize will be given to him.

Hope everybody support the event and there will be a lot coming events soon!

Thank you


Attention all Ai-C£aNz™ members

One of our new members, Neiji kor(Da0^Ag_N3iji) have asked for a family meeting tonight.
The meeting would take place in Hanalei bay at 9pm tonight.
Please try and be there because it is to discuss all the recent problems and conflicts that Ai is facing.

*There's concern that certain members from overseas won't be able to make it as there is a time difference. In this case, they can be excused as it is not a very major family meeting. Members who are able to turn up please pm me or msg me in game to let me know. Likewise for those who can't turn up, please inform me as well. Thanks.



There will be another family event hosted by me, qing-x on 25th July, Friday night. Time of event would be at 9:30pm.. But as it is inconvenient for me to make the announcement for futher details here, members who are interested in coming please pm me or msg me in game. Relevant details would be told to you in private. Please note that as I would like to keep a low profile for this event, no one is to divulge any information regarding this event to others without my consent.



This Event(uniform event) had been delay for long time! Lets get Serious with it and decide when suitable time for everyone to

We should do is A.S.A.P to clearing delayed event for incoming new event afterwards.

i Would like to put the date on:

Date:    2nd August 2008 (Saturday)

Time:   9.30pm (Local time*Malaysia)
Venue: Hanalei Bay on Beginner Channel (Number of room will be open by leader)


I Do really Need someOne who can active in Forum!
Please Recruit member who can active in Forum Here~! Please!



Ai-Clanz is on ranking..Please do shua more to get higher rank
and dont make we drop out rank..Thanks


My dearest Members..

Today,19 October 2008,Sunday, i getting marry again. Ocassionally its re-marry because the groom is same person..Ha..ha..

I hope whose free could attend my wedding. Thanks for your support

It will be on Hanalei Bay at 8.00pm
(Malaysia Time)


Forum posting for [Ai-C£aNz™] members

I strongly urge all [Ai-C£aNz™] members to follow the forum rules properly in regards to posting.
I would make the necessary adjustments with regards to the current threads.
New picture threads would be made & please be informed that there will be no more spammings in the picture threads.
I have removed most of the chat rooms as we have reached the number of posts in a guild's forum & have moved them to the thrashcan for mods.
Do not worry as all your credits & numbers of posts would still be there.
Good luck & have fun posting in the forum everyone. :D

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Annoucement to all members.

Regarding on 11 May 2009 is 1 year [Ai-C£aNz™] anniversary.

I decided to celebrate it on 12th May 2009 due to some members outown and other things cant be avoid.

As usual on celebration day, all gather on
Wantan mee channel at 8pm. Thanks.

Happy 1st Anniversary [Ai-C£aNz™]! All Up up ↑↑ !