✚Forum:+:Tutorial✚ by: ღIK○

✚Forum:+:Tutorial✚ by: ღIK○

To whom are newbies,

I made this for guide in you all in hoping this guild forum will be active and
full of spammers

№1.Firstly, go to

№2.After, the page opened. Press the 'log in button'

№.3 Log in webpage will show up. Look up on 'username' and 'password' space.This require you enter the first username and password when you first register the game.

№.4 After you success logged in, this information will show :

№.5 After clicking on 'CibMall forum', the site will lead you another website. To show whether you success and ready for posting in forum, make sure your forum name is already top on the window.

№.6 For start, lets go to our guild thread. ( scroll down to ' Community Section > Sdo-X Family Section' )

№.7 On the bottom of the page, there's 2 way to reply post

i.Direct post - for quick post. Just write down you want to say and press 'Submit'

ii. 'Reply button' Post - for editing your post ( put picture, link , url, bold, color..etc)

Another button is "New" is for open new thread ( *please inform moderator before open a new thread or action will be taken)

(i.) Direct post :

(ii.) 'Reply button' post :

(ii.) 'Reply button' post- Buttons funtion :

№.8 Final step, just press 'Submit' or 'Reply' button to post your subject.
( Press Preview if you wish to check all before you post)

  Happy Posting and Spamming. But remember to follow the Forum Rules , ya~! Good Luck

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