『dun know how to wedding see here』

『dun know how to wedding see here』

1.1st step of marriage.

Click the community streets button, to access to community streets, click the N.R.D building (building the got a wedding on top" it will pop-up a window call marriage registration. Here you can understand "the conditions for marriage", "what kind of marriage benefits" and "how to divorce" three Description.

2.Step 2

Please click on the "marry" batten; first let us find out, what kind of qualifications marriage couple must fulfill.
1.Both party's lever must be above 10.
2.Both party's charm must have at least 2 stars.
3.Both parties should have wedding ring on each item section.

When fulfill all qualifications. Click at marry batten, then u can apply for marry. If u want to cancel your marry application. Click at my application. In 7 day the application will cancel.

3.Step 3

Click on marry batten it will pop-up a proposal window:
1. At the "proposing partner" click buddies list to select the person u want marry.
2. at proposing ring chose marry ring.
3. At the proposing oath, write down your love letter to the one u want marry to. Then click the send batten to your proposing partner. If after 7 day your proposing partner no reply the marry application will automatic cancel.

4.The good of marry

1.your beloved can be seen though your profile.
2. In the on-line player list, your beloved will always close to you.
3. You will be given 30 free radars to locate you beloved.
4. The couple will get priority to be in the same team when in the dancing room. They can be well recognized if they join in the lover mode with the same team.

Your beloved can be seen though your profile!


if i wan change ring?
i wan change ring i open boyh id n go comunnity room but stil cannot d...use boy d there write cannot exsisted.already got change ring requeat..n use girl d there write new ring is unviable.....y???can teach me step ?


you buy jor 2 ring, you use the 1 ring divorce the 1 u married ring will dissappear.


u wan change ring u wan 2 ppl have same de ring wor