-[Kiss]- Rules & Regulation 家族规则

-[Kiss]- Rules & Regulation 家族规则

1.        Rules & Regulations are subjected to be changed by Guild Leaders from time to time without notice.
2.        New members should register oneself at forum by providing detail such as Name, Date of Birth, Game ID, Email Address, Contact Number, photos and etc for Committee members to update the Kiss Member List.
3.         New members who are interested to join Kiss Guild should be tested by Leaders or Committee Members. Songs are to be selected by Leaders or Committee Members.
4.        Members who left guild and interested in joining back the guild, one should be assumed as a new member and to be tested by Leaders or Committee Member.
5.        Members are NOT allowed to start argument or simply PK with other guild in game without permission from Leaders, excluding normal ‘Guild War’. Members will be penalized if against this rules.
6.        Members should respect all Kiss Guild Leaders, Assistant Leaders and Committee Members.
7.        Members are encouraged to join all the Out-Door Activities organized by Kiss Guild Leaders and Committee Members.
8.        Members should check forum always to update oneself about the Guild Latest News such as Competition, Out-Door Activities, Gathering, and etc.
9.        Members should be leveling at least once a month & keep increasing the ‘Guild War’ points, otherwise one might be being kicked out of guild under Leaders’ consideration. Members could apply leave as in inform Leaders for exceptional case such as Examination, Vacation, Working Out-Station & etc are acceptable reason.
10.        Members are NOT allowed to leave guild without informing Leaders or Committee Members.

11.        Rules & Regulations are subject to change based on Leaders' authorities without notice.

Dear Members, enjoy the game in Kiss Guild since we are all friendly person. If you have any problem, you can contact or look for Leaders or Committee Members for assistant. ^^

1.        规则与条例受到由家族领导人改变不时恕不另行通知。
2.        新成员应在论坛登记,提供详细,如姓名,出生日期,游戏ID,电子邮件地址,联系电话,照片和委员会成员等日期更新自己kiss会员名单.
3.        新成员,有兴趣参加kiss家族应由委员会或领导人检验。歌曲都是由委员会成员领导人或选定。
4.        各位谁离开家族想加入回家族和感兴趣,一应假设为新成员,并通过测试的领导人或委员会委员。
5.        会员是不能启动参数,或只是在其他游戏家族未经领导批准,除了不正常的‘家族战争’。如果对这种规则成员将受到惩罚。
6.        会员应尊重所有kiss家族领导,助理领袖及委员会成员。
7.        鼓励各成员参加的所有户外活动由kiss家族委员会成员的领导人和组织创办。
8.        会员应经常检查论坛更新最新的有关协会,如比赛,户外活动,收集和自己等新闻。
9.        大家应平整至少每月一次与不断增加‘家族战争’分数。否则,会员可能会被踢出家族领导人审议,会员可以申请留在特殊情况下的通知,如考试,假期,工作门诊站和等领导是可以接受的理由。
10.        没有通知委员会成员领导人或家族,会员不可离开。

11.        族长或KISS委员将有权更改家族规则,并且不会另行通知。