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What Function You Like In iPhone 3G??

Just like what the title said, what fuction you like in iPhone or iPhone 3G??
I just don't understand why my friends crazy about it and willing to pay RM 1510 and RM 100 x 24 monthly bill to purchase it.

Poll Options ( multiple choice: choose no more than 8 options ) Number of participants 30  

1.  3.5" Multi-Touch Screen
2.  Build-in Wi-Fi Network
3.  Can browse internet on the go
4.  Can watch YouTube/Video on the go
5.  Can install thousands of application
6.  Large internal memory capacity(8GB/16GB)
7.  Have nice organize function.
8.  The appearance looks cool
9.  Other(Please state it out)
10.  I don't like IPhone 3G