Dragon of Heaven Penang Roadshow

Dragon of Heaven Penang Roadshow

Dragon of Heaven Penang Roadshow

Date     : 5th November, 2010 - 7th November, 2010
Time    : 11am - 9pm
Venue : Gurney Plaza, Penang

        Be ready for an exhilarating experience with CiB Net Station in Penang roadshow. During the event, CiB Net Station will be giving out merchandises such as the game installation CD and Dragon of Heaven playing card. Plus, the Exp Power code will be given out during the event as well for players to enjoy the game.

        Do not miss the chance to join us and fascinate yourself by exploring the fantasy world of Dragon of Heaven, with us!!!

Dragon of Heaven Penang Roadshow

Tarikh   : 5th November, 2010 - 7th November, 2010
Masa     : 11am - 9pm
Tempat : Gurney Plaza, Penang

        Sertailah CiB Net Station di Penang Roadshow untuk mengalami pengalaman yang mengujakan. Semasa roadshow tersebut, pengunjung akan mendapat barangan pemberian CiB Net Station seperti installation CD dan kad permainan CiB. Pemain-pemain yang ingin terus menikmati permainan ini, boleh juga mendapatkan Exp Power code sewaktu roadshow tersebut.

        Jangan lepaskan peluang untuk menyertai kami dan pesonakan diri dengan menerokai dunia fantasi Dragon of Heaven, bersama kami!!!

Sales Promotion in Event : New Rules and Regulation.

  • All selling of cibmall cards need to be reload into game immediately after purchase.
  • The claim form need to be fill with player's details according the sales promotion  respectively. Players must provide the account, which is exactly the same as the reload account. Our official team will make comparisons on the accounts in order to ensure the consistency of the player details before give away the prizes.
  • Only accept the player who reload on the spot, other players who want to buy the promotion must has a representative to reload into game ID for them.
  • Distributor will need to record all the card serial no which sell in the event and send the serial number list with claim form to CIB Sales.
  • All the claim forms need to send back to CIB within 3 days after events to process the sales promotion for the players.

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